Industrial Maintenance Service Group Volund

Optimize the performance of your machine to 100%

The components and machinery parts may show signs of wear and accuracy loss after many hours of work, can cause unwanted and costly accidents breaks. You can quickly retrieve previous efficiency and accuracy by reconditioning service and manufacturing new components.

Key Benefits

"Increased accuracy and performance.
"Prevention of potential breakage in the future.
"Correct operation of all functions of the machine increasing productivity.
"Reduced ability costly accidents.
"Availability Discontinued component manufacturing.
»Expert team to detect the components causing the anomaly.

Industrial maintenance work common:

"Correction removing metal deformation and corrosion.
"Grinding dimensional parts.
"Axis Machining, pinions and ring gears.
'Welding arc components, TIG or MIG.
»Cleaning, Repair or replacement of lubricating systems, bearings.
»Repair of hydraulic or pneumatic.
»Repair or replacement of electrical components.


IMG_3797Removal of corrosion.

Example of corrosion present in water desalination facility.
In this type of installation is necessary to conduct a thorough maintenance to prevent breakage.


IMG_4341Welding Operations

Building components by welding and repairs requiring use.


IMG_3931Plastic deformation correction

The picture shows a bearing housing having a severe plastic deformation with material removal.

chasisManufacturing Machining

Manufacture by machining parts from damaged original part or low level.
The picture shows the chassis of a large displacement motorcycle in our CNC machined from a block of steel 1.500 x 700 mm.



Overhaul axial support moving bearings furnace cement industry.



Key Benefits:

  • Increased accuracy and performance.
  • Preventing breakages bearing potential.
  • Correct operation.
  • Decreased costly possibility of accidents in the oven.
  • Significant cost reduction with respect to the manufacture.
  • Reducing downtimes.


Volund Group appreciates the trust placed in their professionalism to perform tasks reconditioning bearings axial support moving Clinker kiln company CEMEX in the factory in San Vicente del Raspeig in Alicante. The components mantenimeinto a plant of this kind is not a simple task and involves taking a great responsibility. Working with heavy equipment that operate at high temperatures, saturated atmospheres particle geometry and diverse composition may adversely affect the components, accelerating the occurrence of wear and breakage. Maintenance tasks are constant and an unscheduled stop could be a very high cost for the factory. Having partners that you trust is important. For years Volund Group assumes the challenge of making the overhaul of components for Cemex factory Alicante.


With an annual production capacity of cement 10.800.000 Tm in 9 production plants located throughout the country, generates employment for a total of 2.845 used to be the benchmark in cement production. Likewise, CEMEX Spain has the ISO Environmental Management Certificate 14001 AENOR in all its cement factories, on eight floors of concrete and mortar plant in San Vicente del special Raspeig (Alicante).


Industrial maintenance process step by step:

STEP 1: Initial inspection and report.



Initial inspection and report

  • Stateful Inspection.
  • Report and repair proposals.
  • Budget.

STEP 2: Element Preparation.


Element Preparation:

  • Clean and grease removal.
  • Bloom, deburring and scratches.
STEP 3: Element Machining


Element Machining:

  • Machining the bearing housing that was damaged.
STEP 4: Precision Measurement


Precision Measurement:

  • Solder the false.
  • Precision Measurement of the accommodation will be inserted into the insert piece.
STEP 5: Precision Machining Part hairpiece


Strap Machining:

  • Housing is machined with precision finishing.
  • The test is measured with micrometer large diameter.
STEP 6: Thermal Expansionamiento


Thermal Expansionamiento:

  • Warming shuttle material reaching the temperature of 150 ° C approx.
  • Dilation is achieved by the thermal effect of the housing.
STEP 7: Temperature Measurement


Temperature Measurement:

  • Measuring apparatus for measuring temperature using infrared.
  • It is found that the temperature reaches room for expansion previously calculated necessary dimensional.
STEP 8: Checking dimensional


Checking dimensional:

  • Once the temperature measurement, it establishes that the measure is calculated.
  • This is done using inside micrometers high precision.
STEP 9: Mechanized end


Mechanized end:

  • High precision machining of the inside of the pads.
  • Checking with micrometer dimension.
STEP 10: Insert bearings and top cover.


Insert bearings and top cover:

  • Bearings are inserted in large accommodations.
  • Finally assemble male and female with greased bearings.