Manufacturing and shaft machining spindles endless.



We have the right equipment for machining shafts of great length and diameter. Traditionally shafts are machined for the shipbuilding industry, expecting a great experience in this sector.

Also we have years of experience in building countless spindles (worm) for the transport of solid and semisolid dosage for aggregates industry for machinery and for peeling nuts.

Endless conveyors or augers are of wide use in a multitude of sectors:
– For filling storage bins.
– Elevation bulk feed.
– Horizontal transport of many products.

Husillo sin fin, tornillo sin fin, transportador helicoidal, hélice sin fin

Equally common is the use of the endless screw for compaction and disposal of liquid portion of urban solid waste treatment plant or sewage purification.

husillo_sinfin_radialCement worm gear, concrete, aggregates.
Husillo sin fin Making worm gear.

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