Manufacture of metal structures and industrial boilers

Within the range of metal fabrication services offered by Volund Group is the construction of metal structures and industrial boilers.

The construction industry continually demands of metallic structures to the structural support of industrial machinery and equipment, well as for the construction of industrial buildings where metal profiles used for the structure.

The industrial boiler is part of the mechanical manufacturing operations Volund Group offers its customers. The main function of this kind of sheet metal construction consisting of various thicknesses used for the transportation and storage of substances which may be in various states liquids, the solid gas.

Welding operations are much needed in this type of construction and Volund Group professionals have extensive experience in this specialty.


Install suction and discharge pipe for water pumping station in Algeria.

Se trató de un trabajo de ingeniería, el proyecto comprendió la construcción de pantalón y codos en tubería de acero, and the connections embridaje. For this pipe intersections developed according to the needs of the client installation plan for connection to drive teams and existing pipes and proceeded to cut and weld. In connections adjusted flanges, before machining, in our facilities and staff moved the company to complete the welding and assembly operations “in situ”.