Equipment Group Volund

Turning large

Volund Group has horizontal and vertical lathes capable of machining parts up 7 meters long and turned up horizoltal 1,5 vertical meters 1,4 meters.

  • Proven experience and quality – Above 30 years in the metal sector.
  • Precision – Finishes precision parts
  • Double bed guide – Allows placement of window for large parts.

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We have equipment for vertical turned parts up to diameter 1400mm Dump.

CNC machining center

Volund Group has appropriate equipment for machining large parts, available for machining ability to 3000 x 1200 x 1500 mm in our CNC center.


Among our equipment we have a large boring, with ability to machine parts up 1600 x 3000 mm.

Other equipment

  • We have equipment for TIG welding, ME, electrical and acetylenic both in our facilities and in the customer's site.
  • We have powerful electric oven for parts assembly operations requiring thermal expansion.
  • In our facilities we are able to lift up to 30T crane thanks to high power.