Engineering and manufacturing of precision machinery.

The knowledge accumulated over more than 30 years of experience make us a company capable of designing and manufacturing precision machinery effectively for laboratory use for both research and development and for quality departments of your company.

Below are two examples of precision machines for use in laboratory developed entirely by our engineering department and manufactured in our facilities.

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Reference examples of machinery designed and manufactured by Volund Group:



Machinery for conducting approval tests tires

Customer: Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy at the University Miguel Hernández


  • By hydraulic force control pressure cells.
  • Powerful engine ready to work at high rpm.
  • System precision electronic regulation.



Laminator rubber testing laboratory

Customer: Laboratories and departments rubber manufacturers, rubber quality.


  • Approximation roller by servo accurate to 0.01mm.
  • Independent motors for each roll tractors.
  • Control panel with electronic, designed for a maximum width of 355mm sheet.