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Volund Group has developed proprietary technology for the creation of a photovoltaic solar field performance with automated solar trackers that follow the sun with its two axes of motion.


  • Photovoltaics: engineering and manufacturing solar trackers.
  • Maintenance and manufacture of machinery for power plants: tube heat exchangers, boilers, silos, ducts, lifts, Hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Manufacture and maintenance of transmission systems, shafts and bearings.


Manufacturing industrial machinery
The knowledge accumulated over more than 30 years of experience allow us to offer solutions tailored to the real needs of cliente.Contamos with the ability to design and manufacture precision machinery.
Engineering project development
Contact us, our team of professionals with proven experience is at your service to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for your industry.
Machinery maintenance
Over the years the machinery suffers wear, encounter problems such as corrosion and wear of materials, loss of precision performance and producing less breakage may occur or even undesirable accidents. Volund Group offers industrial maintenance service with thanks to our experience we can get your machine back to full efficiency.
Manufacturing Machining
Have adequate equipment in our manufacturing facilities machining of large size which allows us to meet the needs of the industry where others can not.

Huerto automated solar tracker for solar photovoltaic Aquagest.