The ship was built in 1903 navigate the globe tirelessly offering its crew miebros fortunate unique experiences. Since 1963 the boat has a diesel engine that Volund offers complete peace of mind knowing that your crew for reliability can overcome difficult situations for a sailboat. Life aboard a historic sailing Once on board passengers are part of a crew of at least 5 and up 20 members. At the crew's marine professionals with the government needed to ensure the success of the boat and cruise. The rest of the crew will be composed of a set of people who can be very colorful and whose familiarity with navigational techniques can range from the neophyte in the art of sailing, to those who already have extensive experience in this field. Captain coordinates the various tasks to be performed, all crew members collaborate in the activities necessary for life on board: navigation tasks, guards, turns cooking and boat maintenance. The main task on board, is staying the course of the ship doing the work necessary for this, mainly steer and organize sailing maneuvers that require.